Classy and Sassy Trousers for Women

The endless trouser options for women include palazzos, skinny jeans, straight fits, bootents, pleat fronts, cargos… wait, let me catch my breath. Why hound after every single thing when you can look at the best selected fit trousers for women? Blanc9’s premium quality fabric will hook you on the comfort and the classy embroidery and modish prints will give you the bang for the buck! Check out the listicle below for our styling tips for you:


1. Red Black Trousers 

Red Black Trousers 

Is it formal? Is it ethnic? Is it casual? It’s all of those. The red embroidery on this plain black palazzo is done only on one leg, to keep things minimal and the trousers look plain wonderful. You can combine these trousers for women with anything and completely charm everyone. These comfortable yet elegant looking trousers are made of cotton and are available in a loose fit to fit everyone comfortably.


2. Flared Printed Trousers 

Flared Printed Trousers

Get in the spirit of spring with these beautifully embroidered palazzos. Featuring a beautiful bunch of flowers in cool, calming colors, this palazzo will go great with light colored khadi and linen tops. You can experiment with this palazzo and a crop top and complete a semi-western, semi-ethnic outfit for the day! Suitable for occasions like a party or a date night. Be the talk of the room with this beautiful, organic brown colored trousers.


3. Linen Trousers 

Linen Trousers

Check out this cute Khadi printed linen women trousers ! With a delightful earthy brown and cream colored strips, these trousers will fall right above your ankles. The vertically running strips on the trousers will make your legs and overall height look taller as well. Linen fabric is great for summers as it is breezy, and comfortable on skin during the high humid and sweat-filled season. Take a rain check on sweaty, uncomfortable afternoons and don these trousers to set the tone of the day!


4. Schiffli Trouser 

Schiffli Trouser

These casual black Schiffli trousers for women are sure to match your young and free attitude! Falling above the ankle, these trousers feature an elastic that causes frills at the end of the trousers. For utmost comfort and a great fit the waist is elasticated too. These trousers will give you the best look and you can combine it with both fitted or loose tops. Combine these trousers with pointed ballerinas or a pair of black leather boots to get the best complete outfit.

Dungaree sets that your kid will love wearing!

Thinking about what to get for your kid sometimes gets challenging as they are quite particular and also moody about what they want to wear. Kids have their own whims and we believe it is these stubborn wants of a kid that makes them even more adorable. However, this can be a source of tension for young parents. The great confusion of what to purchase for your kid that won’t upset her is experienced by many alike. To keep away from this tension we have especially curated this list keeping in mind the latest trends in kids’ apparel wear and we are certain that your little one will love your choice. So without much ado, let’s get started. 

Dungaree set 

Dungaree set

The cool dungaree sets were a part of our childhood and it is nostalgic to see fashion make a comeback. Your pretty girl is also going to spend their carefree childhood years dancing around in dungarees. Dungaree sets are a fuss-free piece of clothing that when worn once, the child can relax the whole day. This particular dungaree set comes with a floral shirt. The all-over print of the shirt makes it look appealing. And the extravagant sleeves of the dungaree simply add to the grand effect of the outfit. The soft and comfortable fabric of this one makes it a steal pick for any season!

Bomber jacket skirt set

Bomber jacket skirt set

The spring and the autumn seasons are the times when the weather gets too confusing. And a little carelessness can sometimes lead to infections and allergies. Dressing up in this season also becomes confusing because of the drastic fluctuations in the temperature. So, this bomber jacket skirt set is ideal for those days and the embroidery on the jacket makes it a good choice for parties and get-togethers. The comfortable and soft velvet is of supreme quality providing your little one utter ease. 

Polka trouser set

Polka trouser set

A complete polka set looks quite chic on everyone. A different sight from the usual jeans top or skirt top outfit is this polka trouser set. Best for occasions that are special. We bet your child will fall in love with this set. The fabric of this one is light weighted and airy, making it a perfect purchase for any time!

Corduroy dungaree set

Corduroy dungaree set

No wardrobe is sufficiently enough with just one dungaree set. This one has a printed shirt with frills around the collar and the dungaree comes in corduroy. The corduroy style is extremely popular in the current times so there’s no doubt that your kid won’t love this corduroy dungaree set! The cool cotton that this dungaree is made up of, gives sheer comfort and utter ease to your kid!

Shop from our website for more such cool clothes for your little one and let her take delight in what you get for! After all, childhood is to make happy memories. 

Handpicked ethnic wear for women

The summer is just here and what brings respite in this hot and humid season is clothing that is light and flowy. For this reason, light fabrics such as cotton and chiffon are preferred. They allow air to pass easily thereby, effective ventilation is possible. Many women prefer wearing kurtas and sarees for the fact they are so easy and convenient for the season. And not to forget the appeal of wearing something rooted in our tradition.
Over the years, the traditional ethnic wear for women has seen a lot of revolutions which is just a by-product of the modernisation of our lifestyles. Contemporary ethnic wear for women is best suited for both occasion wear and casual wear. Let’s have a look at some of the trending ethnic wear sets.

Mix and match brick-colored kurta set

brick-colored kurta set

This one’s a beautiful floral printed kurta in the base colour of brick. It’s got patchwork done at the neckline by artisans. The real charm of this kurta lies in the bow style back which makes it a unique pick. This ethnic wear set has got striped trousers to go with the floral kurta.

Contemporary two-piece set

Contemporary two-piece set

This is an interesting fusion of ethnic and western. The wrap style of the top gives quite an elegant feel to the top. Paired with a matching color flared palazzo, the two-piece set is an ideal choice for a cocktail party. There is a gorgeous thread work at the back of the top that adds the oomph factor to the entire outfit.

Organza collar two-piece set

Organza collar two-piece set

Marvellous ethnic wear for women in the colour grey is just the outfit you were looking for a fancy event. The subtle embroidery going around the hemline and very minimal sequin work on the lower renders it a slight sheen. Plus the organza collar with pearl work is just the right amount of luxe to it. A very exquisite piece, this one is a must-have.

Dusty peach suit

Dusty peach suit

This one is a muted pink coloured kurta set. It looks quite delicate and lovely upon wearing. The colour of the kurta is such that it will look beautiful on every woman. Pick this one on days you want to don a traditional ethnic look. The dupatta has got sequin work on it, thereby adding to the beauty of the outfit..

So these were some of our favorites that we think you must have in your wardrobe for when you want to feel good about yourself. Just pick any of the above and there you go! Shop these from our website here and don’t forget to check out the latest collection.

6 things that enhance the quality of sleep

Research shows that a night of sound sleep is as important for overall wellbeing as a good diet or doing exercises. Lack of good sleep can have an adverse impact on the health of a person and although it may not directly cause any severities but in the long run, it gives rise to other health ailments. So, why compromise on health when you can achieve a rejuvenating sleep and make it a part of your lifestyle through incorporating these few healthy habits that will help you sleep better and feel better. 

Avoid caffeine consumption from evening onwards

A big cup of coffee in the morning is a coffee lover’s paradise. It stimulates the body and instantly gives an energy rush. However, for the same reasons, it can disrupt your sleep cycle if you have it hours before your bedtime, as it blocks sleep-inducing hormones in the body. Thereby, delaying a well-deserved sleep. 

Drink chamomile tea

If not caffeine then what must you drink at night? Well, the answer is chamomile tea. It’s relaxing effects will help you unwind after a long day at work. It is abundant in antioxidants and helps the mind relax. It’s calming properties have been proven to improve the quality of sleep. From ancient times chamomile tea has been used as a natural remedy to fight insomnia and reduce anxiety. So, dropping the idea of having coffee for chamomile tea would always work well!

Avoid looking at screens before you go to sleep

The blue light emitting from your phone, laptop or T.V screens do more damage than good. That blue light tricks our brain into thinking it’s still daytime thus, disturbing the natural rhythm of the body as the mind gets confused. According to the specialists, it’s best to turn off all your gadgets at least one hour before you hit the bed. 

Avoid having dinner right before sleeping time 

All of us have done midnight snacking at some point or another in our lives. But what’s interesting to note is that eating late in the night can impact our health seriously. The food ingested also doesn’t get digested properly if you are having it later than usual. That is because our body is used to functioning in a rhythm of its own and any deviations from that set track create problems for the body to function properly in synergy. 

Relaxing bath

A warm bath or shower before night time is going to help you calm down and relax all the tensed muscles in the body. Or you can just soak in your feet in a tub of hot water before going to sleep and you will notice the quality of your sleep improves as you wake up feeling fresh the next day. 

A comfortable nightwear

There’s nothing like the warmth and comfort of sleeping in good, airy clothes that allow easy movement, feeling light on the skin. Whether you prefer wearing a maxi or a PJ set as your nightwear, always make sure the quality of the fabric is good. And we promise you a superior quality when it comes to choosing fabric for something as precious as your sleep. 

Check out the entire nightwear collection here offering some soothing fabric and trendy styles hard to find anywhere else. The nightwear collection from Blanc9 offers a variety of styles and silhouettes to choose from. Get, set, ready to enjoy the sound sleep you once did as a child in these nightwear by adding them to the cart right away.

Best five tops to have in your wardrobe for summer 2021

Summer is just around the corner and we can’t wait to get rid of the woolens to slide into the easy breezy cottons, chiffons and georgettes. With the myriad of choices to pick your outfit of the day, every day looks refreshingly different. The vibrancy brimming through the fabric makes the entire look well-put-together and quite an appealing one. Oh, don’t we all love the summer dressing for all the experiments it allows us to perform on the outfit! Let’s have a look at these gorgeous tops for women that will cheer up your wardrobe.

Pleated top

Pleated topA gorgeous satin top with a floral print placed in the center and the back, this one is a true head-turner. The satin fabric gives it a very classy vibe and the print makes it quite an alluring top for women to opt for semi casual gatherings. Add to Cart Now!

Checkered top

Checkered topThis checkered top looks extremely chic with its puffed-up sleeves that give an extravagant appeal to the top. Pair it with an A-line skirt and pointy heels to complete the look and voila! Bring back the classic feel of black and white and checks with this checkered top. Order Now!

Bright Floral top

Bright Floral topA beautiful georgette top in the vibrant floral print, this one is just too pretty to not have in your personal collection. Pair it up with smart culottes or trousers for those movie nights with your bff! Shop Now!

Embroidered top

Embroidered topWhat a beauty it is to wear an embroidered top on those nights when you are out with your date to a fine dine restaurant! Embroidery on this top will only add to the chic factor of the outfit. Plus, it has extravagant organza sleeves that add quite a stylish element to the look. Grab Now!

Peter Pan collar top

Peter Pan collar topThis cute white schiffli top has pearl buttons as cute detailing on the placket. The peter pan collar style makes it a good choice for informal gatherings. Wear it over denim or trousers to seal the look. Get your hands on this one!

While the list can go on endlessly, these were our top five tops for women to wear this summer. Shop now from our website and check out the latest in all the categories. Happy shopping!

Top reasons why you need to buy Bedsheets Online

Coming home to lie down on your bed after a taxing day is a heaven on earth. And lying down on a bedsheet as soft as butter is just cherry on top. Although it is comforting to enjoy the winter bliss, buying bedsheets online can be a bit tricky especially when buying bedsheets is something that we prefer in a brick and mortar store where we can assess the quality of the item to our satisfaction. When you search for bedsheets online, chances are you will be overwhelmed with the choices. We understand that although we all wish to buy the softest bedsheets online, there isn’t much that we know about them. Looking to purchase bedsheets online requires a brand to be reliable and excellent in their customer service.

So, when it comes to choosing something good and reliable there is nothing better than Blanc9 and their amazing service. We believe that you deserve only the best and therefore, we bring you the best.

Keep reading to know the top reasons why you should go for Blanc9 bedsheets, and order one right away.

Comfort is the Key

Dreamland Bed sheets

There is something so satisfying about lying on comfy bedsheets with hot coffee and binge-watching your favourite show. The fuzzy feeling on a lazy weekend is what we crave the most. With the temperature dipping, you need to be more specific in your preferences and these Dreamland Bed sheets will do the needful as they keep you both snug and cosy.

Soft bed sheets are perfect

Gulfaam Bed sheets

When looking to buy bedsheets online look for soft, plush material like Blanc9 Gulfaam Bed sheets. They are soft, comfortable, and will add a vintage look to your bedroom. The striking prints on this one will make the room look vibrant and sprightly. Try this one and decorate your space in style like never before. Shop now

Get picky with designs

imperial bed sheet

Design is another important thing one looks for when shopping for bedsheets. The design of the bedsheet changes the ambience of the whole room; hence, it is important to get picky with them. The imperial design collection of bedsheets from Blanc9 gives a very elegant combination of colours with an addition of contrast pillow covers to give it a touch of quirk. Shop this imperial bedsheet now with amazing design elements available only at Blanc9.

A good bed sheet can lead to good sleep and indirectly leading to better productivity for the day. So, choosing a bed sheet wisely is very important for efficiency. Also, for the tip of the day, we suggest you buy the ones that are bigger in size so that you can spread and cover it effortlessly.

You can always explore more bedsheets with some gorgeous designs and comfortable fabrics only at Blanc9.

Revamp your party wardrobe with these Winter Dresses for Women

‘Bold prints, Dark colours and Warm styles’

These instantly give you a feel of the winter glam you are looking for. Blanc9 collection gives you a vibe of these at one place with their Winter Dresses for women.

If you are looking for a winter glam wardrobe, a capsule collection filled with these elements is a great kick-off point. The winter dress collection from Blanc9 is a perfect fit for your glam needs. It combines elegance with warmth to give you a perfect winter contemporary wardrobe. On point with the trends, prints and style, Blanc9 winter dresses collection gives you all in one place. Revamp your wardrobe with these handpicked styles which will give your winter style a win-win.

The Chic Bohemian

the Chic Bohemian
Prep yourself up for the party season a little differently this time. Try and go vibing in this boho winter dress that gives a chic and elegant touch to your style and keeping it quirky and fun at the same. A masterpiece is what we call it; therefore some tips to style it right are quite necessary. Pair this winter dress with high heels and accessorize it well, while keeping the look minimal to enhance the essence of this boho dress. Shop Now at Blanc9.

The Black Glam

The Black Glam
Black is the colour of every party as it defines glamour and elegance in the best possible way!  This little black dress speaks for itself with some frills of net fabric and a touch of embroidery, separating it from those boring basics. To style this winter dress for women, you can always take an all-black look from head to toe or pair it up with contrast layers. You can never lag with black in either of the cases. Shop Now at Blanc9.

The Colour-Block Style

The Colour-Block Style
Colour block has been a trend of the year for every season, summers or winters. This winter dress is filled with so much party fever that has taken away all our hearts and we cannot just wait to add this one to our wardrobe! The puffy sleeves, mandarin collar, frills at the bottom, and the whole style make it a complete masterpiece for the night. You can always make a style statement with this winter dress which is enough in itself. To further style it, you can carry a sling bag along with some nice pair of earrings and a belt that will make you ready to slay for the day. Shop Now at Blanc9.

Coming to the end of the blog, these handpicked winter dresses for women from Blanc9 are just a glimpse of the whole collection. You can always explore more and get your hands on some cool stuff; Until then, See ya!